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The WaRPwatch (NXP based) and iWRISTBAND (Intel Curie based) are a Ready-To-Use platforms for Wearable products developments. They provide all necessary HW/SW components  to build your own products: a mainboard, a TFT round display and a LIPO battery. Customers remain focused, not to the hardware but only to the software application and mecanical packaging development. This significatly reduces the Time-To-Market. The WaRPwatch is software compatible with the WaRPboard Reference Platform from NXP. The iWRISTBAND is software compatible with Andruino 101 The WaRPwatch platform employs a unique hybrid dual processors architecture where there is an applications processor, NXP i.MX6 SoloLite ARM A9 @1GHz, as the core of the platform and a secondary Ultra-Low-Power ARM M0+ @48MHz microcontroller, NXP Kinetis KL16 that is used as sensor hub, in addition to a wireless charging MCU. With this hybrid architecture, the i.MX6 SoloLite processor is turned on to conduct the communications and support graphics/display, however, when in deep sleep mode, the MCU is triggered to monitor the sensors data. This method reduces overall power consumption, extending battery life. On top of the hardware, the i.MX6 SoloLite processor runs Android 4.4 and Android Wear. The implementation on WaRPwatch is a standard Android SDK approach to allow software developers to run their applications simply and quickly. Also the Kinetis MCU and sensors are directly supported by FreeRTOS from NXP. Upon request and quantity, the platform can be fully customized  (PCB form factor, Flex PCB, WiFi, NFC, Sensors, LCD/TFT/OLED/E-Ink displays support, Camera, Power Supply, etc.). Thanks to the fact that all selected components are standard, low power, use small form factor, cost-effective and easy to purchase at low volume (Digi- Key, Mouser, Farnell, Avnet), allowing easy full-custom prototyping. Download the FactSheet Here PDF 3D Files Important Note : Download and save these PDF 3D files localy on your computer. Then, open them with Acrobat Reader DC or other PDF 3D reader software. Don’t open these files directly from your Internet Bowser program, this will not work. Download the PDF 3D File Mainboard Download the PDF 3D File Carrier board Download Free Adobe Reader DC Here to the open PDF 3D file

Technical Specifications of the WaRPwatch Platform

Fits on a ultra-compact round PCB 41mm diameter for a typical SmartWatch, SportWatch and Medical wearable devices application Hybrid Dual Processors Architecture Application Processor : NXP iMX6 SoloLite ARM A9 1GHz Ultra-Low Power Co-Processor : NXP Kinetis ARM M0+ Micron 512MB LP-DDR2 + 4GB eMMC single chip module MIPI Display Serial Interface Bridge (DSI) for OLED/TFT 16-bit color NXP 6-Axis sensor with Linear Accelerometer and Magnetometer NXP Intelligent Motion Sensor (Podometer) Temperarature and Humidity sensor Pressure sensor Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT+ Wireless communication U-Blox GPS Module Heart Rate Monitoring sensor Ultra Low Power Audio CODEC Silicon Microphones LRA Haptic Motor and Loudspeaker PMIC for LIPO battery and Wireless Charger circuits Application processor RT-OS : Android 4.4, Android Wear Co-processor RT-OS : NXP Free-RTOS In addition, WaRPwatch has been architected and designed from the ground up to address the key challenges faced in the wearables market, like battery life, connectivity, usability (user experience) and miniaturization (small form factors). WaRPwatch is an open source Software platform, helping spur innovation within the development community. SGE our PCB Expert Technology Partner The WaRPwatch platform uses state-of-the-art of PCB technology in collaboration with SGE company, located in Geneva, the expert of high-end board layout PCB.