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Main Components Descriptions

PCB Dimension : Round 41mm diameter. 1mm thickness. 10 Layers HDI U1 : NXP Ultra-Low Power MCU ARM M0+ Kinetis MKL16Z256 - Package: 5x5 mm U2 : NXP Application Processor ARM A9 iMX6-SoloLite - Package: 13x13 mm U3 : Micron 512MB LPDDR2 + 4GB MLC NAND Flash - Package : 13x11.5 mm U4 : Nordic Semi Bluetooth 4.1 & ANT+ Wireless communication IC - Package 3.9x3.9 mm U5 : NXP Accel/Gyro/Magneto sensor IC - Package 3x3 mm U6 : NXP Motion sensor IC - Package 3x3 mm U7 : Maxim Power Management IC - Package 6.5x6.5 mm U8 : Solomon MIPI Master Bridge - Package 5x5 mm U9 : ST Pressure sensor IC U10: SensirionTemperature and Humidity sensor IC U12: U-Blox GPS module U14; TI Heart Rate Monitoring sensor IC U15: Wolfson Ultra Low Power Audio CODEC IC U20: Wolfson Silicon Microphone Top U21: Wolfson Silicon Microphone Bottom U22: TI Haptic/Vibra Driver for Linear Resonance Actuator (LRA) and Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) A1: Bluetooth Chip Antena A2: GPS Chip Antenna B1: LoudSpeaker attached to the MCU Kinetis B2: Haptic Motor LRA attached to iMX6-SoloLite H1; MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI) for a 1-54 Inch 320x320 pixels Display with capacitive Touch Panel H3 : Extension/Debug I/O connector H5 : Heart Rate Monitoring connector and Induction Coil for the on-board Wireless Charger H6 : Battery connector (LIPO 3.7V 350mA)         PCB Layout done by SGE                          

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Pcb layout